Expanded Plastic Moulding

Expanded plastic moulding is best suited when contoured shapes are required using a single type of material without welding, heatbonding, or gluing. Products using expanded polypropylene or expanded polystyrene are made using this manufacturing method.

Polyurethane Maxfoaming

Maxfoaming involves pouring the components of polyurethane foam and catalysts onto a forward moving conveyor belt to create slabstock polyurethane foam in a horizontal direction.

Polyurethane Vertifoaming

Vertifoaming is a proprietary method to produce slabstock polyurethane foam in a continuous and vertical direction. Polyurethane foam produced in the vertifoam fashion have very uniform properties throughout the entire foam block.

Vacuum Thermoforming

Vacuum thermoforming involves heating a sheet of plastic to a certain temperature to make it malleable, applying a mould to the plastic sheet to achieve a shape, and using vacuum pressure to press the plastic onto the mould for finer detail and consistent thickness.

Cold Cure Foaming

Cold cure foaming is a low-temperature foaming process that yields a closed structure foam with high compressive strength. Cold cure foam is extremely durable and hence suited for upholstery and bedding.

Automated Spring Coil Manufacturing

The digitised and automated process of calibrating a spring coil production line allows Siong Bee to produce consistent and high quality pocket springs and bonnell springs for mattresses.

Automated Mattress Manufacturing

An automated mattress assembly line positions Siong Bee as Singapore’s leading large scale mattress maker with a well defined workflow for better quality control.