Anti-Static Packaging

Anti-static packaging is commonly enlisted in the electronics and semi-conductor industries to protect delicate high value components from damage caused by electrostatic damage.

Cold Chain Packaging

The transportation of items that are highly perishable when denied a temperature controlled environment requires specialty packaging with high insulatory properties. Biopharma companies often depend on cold chain packaging to preserve their high value cargoes.

Conductive Packaging

With electrical resistivity lesser than anti-static foam, conductive foam, commonly found in black, allows charges to flow through to proevent accumulation of electrostatic build-up

Protective Packaging

Protective packaging is designed to protect your high value products from potential harm or shock impact during shipping or warehousing. Choosing the right packaging company to work with is crucial because the limitations and capabilities of your packaging partner will affect the way you design your products.


Siong Bee, with 40 years of mattress making experience under its belt, can work with you to provide quality sleep experience for your hospitality guests with products compliant with universal safety standards. Hospitality providers have chosen Siong Bee for reliability and responsive service.

Mattress Wholesale

Siong Bee is the manufacturer of the brands Magic Koil, Dreamworld, Marine Republic, and Voli, appreciated by end-users for their Made In Singapore quality. Siong Bee is ready to work with furniture chains and outlets to bring our furniture products to new regions and markets.

Mattress OEM

Siong Bee possesses Singapore’s largest automated mattress manufacturing facilities. We are ready to work with you as your OEM partner on matters of product development, branding, scalability, and after-sales service. Our deep understanding of mattress components from springs to specialty foams to medical covers put us in the best position to take your brand to the next level.

Medical Bedding Solutions

Siong Bee supplies to hospitals and accommodation providers with singular requirements for bedding products with fire retardant, water proof, and fluid resistant features. Common products for medical bedding application are medical cover pillows and fluid resistant fire retardant mattresses.