Corrugated Carton

Corrugated carton is paperboard with rows of air columns. The air columns serve as a cushion to protect items kept within corrugated carton packaging. Corrugated carton is stronger and more durable than the average cardboard.

Expanded Polypropylene

EPP is appreciated for its multitude of properties such as impact resistance, chemical resistance, thermal insulation, and energy absorption. EPP beads are fused together to form the desired shape in a steam chest compression chamber. Packaging material made from EPP are strong and light–making them commonplace in the protection of semiconductor components.

Expanded Polystyrene

EPS plastic beads are fused together to form the desired shape in a steam chest compression chamber. Packaging material made from EPS have excellent cushioning properties and thermal insulation.

Expanded Polyethylene

Expanded PE beads are fused together in a steam chest compression chamber similar to the manufacturing process for expanded polypropylene and expanded polystyrene. Like EPP and EPS, expanded polyethylene is used for packaging applications and deciding whether to use EPE or EPS or EPP is a matter of cost and application.

Extruded Polyethylene

Extruded Polyethylene is a lightweight plastic solution for packaging known for its cost-effectiveness and versatility. Adjustments can be made to achieve the wanted density and also to add extra properties like anti-static.

Flexible Polyurethane Foam

Flexible slabstock polyurethane foam is highly versatile and cost effective as a material for both packaging and for mattress making. Density, resiliency, indentation load deflection, and colour can be modified to suit the customer’s requirements. Polyurethane foam can also be enhanced to acquire anti-static and fire retardant properties.


Siong Bee offers expendable pallets that come in different materials so that there is always a suitable option for every customer. Wooden and plastic pallets are the most common types to be found in this category.

Thermoform Plastic

Heated to a pliable forming temperature and formed to a specific shape using a mould, thermoform plastic provides packaging solutions as trays, lids, cups, and containers in the electronics, medical, food, and retail industries. A common example of thermoform plastic packaging is a tray to house a printer ink cartridge.

Pocket Spring

Barrel shape metal spring coils inserted into individual fabric pockets are commonly known as pocket springs. Pocket spring coils are used in mattresses to prevent motion transfer and to offer back support.

Bonnell Spring

Bonnell spring coils are hour glass shaped spring coils interconnected by a horizontal helical wire. Although considered to be a step down from pocket springs, bonnell spring coil mattresses are adequate products for hotels, hostels, dormitories, and shipping accomodations.

Natural Latex

Natural latex is a premium natural rubber foam mattress component for products geared towards an addressable market for environmentally friendly sleep. Natural latex is intrinsically anti-fungal and anti-microbial.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is the result of a NASA funded research to develop the optimal cushioning foam for space travel. It was not long before the mattress industry adopted this technology for making mattresses with superior contour supporting comfort.

Medical Grade Fluid Proof Fabric

Hospitals require pillows and mattresses with fluid resistant properties for easy wiping down, cleaning, and sanitisation. Siong Bee has been a supplier of such medical grade bedding products to hospitals and other hospitality providers.